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Hi there all women and men who like equality,

No Maud. You are NOT one of them which might seem strange seeing as you are  woman.

Anyway, just a quick update to say that I started a new job on Tuesday and I love it so far. It's a temporary job so it's only until 5th June but I'm fine with that. I teach adults 50 % and work in the school library 50 % which means that I "have" to read a lot of interesting and cool literature by new and old authors so that I can recommend the right books to the right students. I love to know that I get paid for reading books!

At home I'm reading "Istanbul" by Orhan Pamuk which is quite boring but I'm one of those people who just CAN'T give up on a book until I read the last page so we'll see how it goes.. I also read an excellent book about name and identity as research for a university paper which I'm writing about Assyrians who change their first and/or last names.

So back to my book.


I'm sooooo angry!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi there again,

First things first; cool that I've got so many comments on my first ever entry. Thank you all! (How much has markdeniz paid you?) I just want to warn all you live journal freaks; I'm NOT a computer nerd and I don't know what I am doing in this wwworld at all. As I said in my last entry, I'm just having this blog to shut my pushy and nagging husband up.

Anyway... why am I angry and pissed off? Well listen (well I mean read of course) to this story that belongs to the realism genre and NOT farce or comedy:

Over a month ago I saw an ad in the local newspaper about a job that sounded great and cool. They wanted someone young, with culture competence, teacher background, and who was capable of speaking more than one language, preferably someone who is a non-Swede, and someone who has some kind of leadership experience and who has worked more than 2 years.

I am 33 years old, I am an Assyrian, married to an Englishman, I've a 5-year academic teachers degree, I speak English, Swedish, German and little bit of Assyrian, Kurdish, Turkish, I've been a chairman several times and have had other kinds of leader roles and I've worked for 7 years so naive and stupid as I am I sent my application in.

Out of the 223 applicants, they choose 22 people for an interview and I was one of those 22 people. Out of the 22 people they choose 8 people for a second interview and I was one of those 8 people. They asked the 8 of us to take a personality test. They called us in to go through the test results. Then silence for several days. Then today when I couldn't wait any longer because I'm an impatient pain in the arse, I called to ask what was going on and found out that NONE of us got the job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  After 4 meetings with 8 different people involved, they now have realised that the ad was misleading and none of the applicants were qualified for the job!!!! Some of the interviewers hadn't even seen the ad!! And some of the interviewers didn't know what the position was about!!!! Well hello!!! Is this true? Is this professional? Is this a stupid joke? Is this amateurish? Is this dodgy? Thanks for wasting my time. And thanks for not even bothering to call me and tell me the news!


Get to know Etina

Ciao everybody,

I've been hassled to open a live journal account by my husband for so many months now so I just have to get it done. He won't give up and I might as well give it a try. I'm Etina and 33 years and fed up with complaining about my job situation so I'm about to change it. Meanwhile I walk around at home and do silly things with my lovely son. Things that normally would be seen as very embarrassing, humiliating, repetative and booooring but of course you don't consider those aspects when you have to entertain a 11-month boy. He is your one and only audience and you are his one and only artist. I also spend a lot of time getting on Mark's nerves. Mark is my English husband and 5 years ago he was foolish enough to agree to marry an Assyrian woman in Sweden. Those of you who know about the Assyrian culture know how much he must have been in love with me. He he. Those of you who don't know about the Assyrian culture but know something about the northen English culture know how much I must have been in love with him in order to marry him. He he.

Who am I?:

someone who fears death more than anything in life
someone who thinks you can never drink too much coffee
someone who laughs at her own jokes
someone who loves Italian so much that she thinks she can speak it
someone who hates Right-wing politics with passion
someone who cries everytime she watches a film where children are involved
someone who dreams about being an immortal elf
someone who wants her cake with the added bonus of eating it too
someone who does too many things at the same time
someone who eats too fast for her own good
someone who watches far too many debate programs and documantaries
someone who reads less books than she wants
someone who hopes that her husband is going to become a full time writer
someone who admits that she watches "Desperate Housewives"
someone who denies that she has similarities with Mrs Dalloway
someone who wishes that she could wish 10 things from a genie
someone who writes too little according to her friends and family
someone who envies Noam Chomsky

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